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Sophia McDougall

OK so the news is all ghastly again. But I read the best fairytale I ever encountered at the weekend, please let me tell it to you. (1/?)

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I love expert Rants! Read!!! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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Engineer Chick

They're all cheerily commenting about roof 🐍s being a cute, normal thing. AUS is the only country trained & ready f…

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-30

Enjoying the view! (@ Cockburn Lookout) [pic]: #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-24

On the road, headed out of #Broome – let's see how good the Telstra NextG coverage really is… # Hunting Trophy? # View from the tour bus (named Kimberley Dreaming). #Kimberley # I'm at Boab Prison Tree (Derby) # BOAB Prison Tree. #Kimberley #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-23

No hot water pressure and either room phone faulty or reception not answering. #Broome #Accor #Mercure #Fail # Entered a women's clothes store with @toriKh & her Mum. Sales assistant: “There's a seat and car magazines at the back, dear”. #EasilyAmused # Based on restaurant and shop music, #Broome is stuck firmly in the . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-23

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-22

Waiting for the taxi to the airport and wondering what I've forgotten to pack. # Hahahaha. RT @codepo8: ICANN has .cheezburger ? #protolol # Bring on the warm weather! (@ QF 1074 Perth To Broome) # So warm & sunny! (@ Broome Airport) # The view from our balcony. #Broome # . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-22

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-21

Flights out of #Perth are grounded due to Chilean Ash cloud returning. I'm meant to be flying up to #Broome tomorrow on holiday… #AshTag # . @ryanmhewitt Try taking the magmanimous approach – it's much more rewarding. # . @ryanmhewitt Heh. Think we've got to the core of the volcano puns yet, or only . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-21

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-20

They're playing a mix of Vanessa Black's “Friday” at Target Carousel. On a Monday. Can it get any worse? … Actually, don't answer that. # Bah. Vanessa / Rebecca – close enough. # Thus proving that it can get worse… 😛 #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-19

Clothes on the line, and of course it starts raining heavily. Looked perfectly clear a half hour ago 🙁 # I reckon @iiNet should do this 😛 RT @DavidBrin1: Biotech Firm issues its Annual Report In Comic Book Form via @forbes #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-18

I always seem to be passing through Dwellingup, either on my way to or from a #Rogaine – sometime I should check out the town. # Back in #Perth after #Rogaine . Everything hurts. #SelfInflicted #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-17

How stupid… RT @AndrewBloch: PR agency loses biggest account with a single tweet (via @rambam1) #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-06-16

At ABCN GOALS mentoring program. Facilitator asked “What's a goal?” AFL student replied “6 points!”. # Almost to the front of the queue for my 3:30pm Drs Appt! # This! Tell me the blunt truth! RT @ScientistMags: I hate being lied to. Absolutely hate it. # Ah, my old Nemesis… #

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