Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-31

Captain's Log; Star date EoFBT2011. Odometer reading 18,252km. Mission successful, FBT not as bad as anticipated. #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-30

Wow, 9 years today! *loves* at @toriKh # .@Mooba all the lit geeks will be at @Swancon over Easter! # Yes! MT @transcendancing: Kaneda is trialling with @Mooba in Subi tomorrow, 7:30-10am. Get your sublime coffee experience and show support. #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-29

Dear #Apple , Thank you _sooo_ much for sending me my #iPad2 case over a fricking month before you're due to send me the actual #iPad2 … # Now I have an #Apple #iPad2 case to sit on the shelf and mock me for over a month until the actual #iPad2 arrives. #FirstWorldProblems # . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-29

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-28

Cat vs Snake. GTFO. # This one's for @KaiLoi – Parkour Fail 🙁 #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-26

Haven't MS confirmed it was a bug which is fixed now? RT @lordmortis:

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-25

Ordered an #iPad2 from #Apple Store. Very disappointed with the lack of pre-order and resulting estimate of “Ships 3-4 weeks”. # Wow, BigW pricing on #iPad2 is $50 cheaper than #Apple for 64GB 3G model… # So #Apple estimate of “Ships 3-4 weeks” for the #iPad2 has turned into an estimated May 4th . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-25

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-24

Gah, guy sitting next to me at the @Microsoft Could Summit reeks of tobacco smoke. It's so strong I feel nauseous. # At the Hyatt for a tech briefing. Still struggling with how it will look with 500 @Swancon participants running around in 4 weeks… # Buying an #iPad2 ? RT @renailemay: Hey everyone, . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-24

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-23

Maybe this is what caused the #VodaFail call drops? 😛 RT @slashdot: China Starts Censoring Phone Calls Mid Sentence #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-22

Enclosed please find some useful advice… MT @lods1211: “Don’t ever write 'Enclosed please find …'”. @jayshep | #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-21

Dear #LazyWeb What's the best way to soften a pair of hiking boots which sat in a box for 5 years, and are now taking revenge on my feet? # I just entered @mr_gadget’s iPad 2 Giveaway Competition! # Traffic lights out. Hay St Subiaco at the railway line. #Perth @Perth_Traffic # The . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-03-21