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When to doctor has a sense of humour.

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Ah no :(

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OED Word of the Day: scooby, n. not to have a scooby: not to have a clue

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John Lindsay

Hahaha! @kfc really do follow 11 Herbs and Spices. Wonderful!

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How I became known as Mr Deed Poll to HBF

I changed my name by Deed Poll in late January (my first name is now the name everyone’s actually been calling me the past ten years), and have been going through the various companies and getting them to update it. This has been the weirdest result yet … . . . → Read More: How I became known as Mr Deed Poll to HBF

-1 Google “Plus”

Farewell Google “Plus”. . . . → Read More: -1 Google “Plus”

Bubble Kittens!

This was too cute not to repost.

Bubble Kittens

New Lenovo Laptop

I ordered a new Lenovo Laptop over Christmas, and feel deceived by Lenovo / very let down by what I received. . . . → Read More: New Lenovo Laptop

Appalling PGA Golf Advert

At the Gym today, I saw an absolutely appalling Golf advert, where the PGA was promoting intimidation, street mugging, theft, spiteful bullying and general thuggery. WTF PGA? . . . → Read More: Appalling PGA Golf Advert