Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-30

For @Maharetr ! RT @drjon: The most Awesome thing you will see today: Daria Cosplay. #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-29

What climate change? MT @abcnews: UN report shows 13 of the warmest years recorded occurred within the last 15 years # Seriously, why is it so fucking difficult to buy a meal in a restaurant at 9pm in #Perth ? This wouldn't be a problem in #Melbourne ! #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-27

Time for a reprint? RT @scottsigler: THE ROOKIE is sold out. # Musical Sanctuary Episode! # Um, yeah. Where'd the last two hours go? RT @toriKh: Uh oh, guess what Beta might have just sunk its evil sithaliscious hooks into us….? # Why yes, my character's name really is Sith'Happens… #SWTOR #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-26

Over an hour on and off hold with @Telstra to dispute a contract cancellation charge, when I switched from Business to Residential plan. # Dispute finally lodged with @Telstra – if no callback in the next 5 days, it's TIO time. #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-25

There are unburnt bits left? MT @DECWesternAus: 25/26 Nov DEC will be burning out unburnt pockets in Margaret River and surrounding areas. # *chortles* RT @BobbieSewerside: knock knock… whos there?….. daisy ….daisy who?…… daisy me rollllinnn they hatinggggg #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-24

Achievement unlocked! RT @PokMcFee: TWO MORE EXAMS TO MARK. I am officially a marking superstar now. # Definitely shouldn't shop whilst hungry. *slinks out of Woolies with $47 in cheese* #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-23

I'm sure Pepsi will step in and sponsor Kyle Sandilands – he's the perfect douche, bro-culture representative for the Pepsi Max brand… # Next comes the deep frying! RT @dan_scott: I am #battered # Belgian Spoil at Koko Black! #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-22

Hahahaha. RT @carolduncan: It had to happen. #QantasLuxury – Downfall: # Gone to leave the office and the car park lights are flickering on and off like I'm in a horror movie. #IfIDontGetHomeSendHelp # Introducing Coconut (the pale one) and PawPaw (the dark one). Five and a half week old, baby rats. . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-22

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-19

Most disappointed by the lack of chocolate cocktails at @Andaluz #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-18

Watching @transcendancing flush as she reads @PokMcFee 's tweet about @flyingblogspot # Oh my god, Koko Black, where have you been all my life? #

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