Worldcon Site Selection Voting

Let’s look at voting in Worldcon Site Selection – in particular, for those of us in Australia and New Zealand, why we should vote in Site Selection even though we may not make it to the winning site. . . . → Read More: Worldcon Site Selection Voting

-1 Google “Plus”

Farewell Google “Plus”. . . . → Read More: -1 Google “Plus”

Safer Internet Use

Following my blog entry on spyware and other scams, I’ve had a few questions from people about how to stop spyware or malware being installed on their computers in the first place, and generally how to use the Internet more safely.

The bad news is, there’s no single, fool-proof solution – anyone can end up . . . → Read More: Safer Internet Use

Spyware and other such scams & scum

Having recently helped Dad get rid of some nasty software from his PC, I thought I’d jot down a few notes in the hope they may help others dealing with similar computer issues. . . . → Read More: Spyware and other such scams & scum