New Lenovo Laptop

My current Thinkpad T61p is starting to die, so I thought I’d take advantage of the Boxing Day Sales and pick up a new one. Looking around, the Lenovo T510 looked pretty good, especially with the Boxing Day discount.

One of my concerns was screen resolution (my T61p is a brilliant 1920 x 1200), but the reviews seemed to indicate the T510 was close –  “a 1600 x 900 native resolution” or “include 1366×768, 1600×900, and (on models with the discrete GPU) 1920×1080“.

1920×1080 will be fine, I think to myself.

Unfortunately things didn’t work out so well…

So I head over to the Lenovo site, and am met by an encouraging banner promoting the “exceptional viewing”.

Lenovo Banner

Then I select the model I want, the top end one, with the separate NVidia graphics unit.

Model Selection

Yep, 15.6″ HD anti-glare display LED, looks good…

Next I go to customise it, add Bluetooth, a few other bits.

I make sure the separate NVidia option is listed.

I also notice there’s a display option section, but it lists the same two line items:

Display Option 1

I try selecting the second display option to see if it gives me any more information, but it doesn’t:

Display Option 2

So I switch back and move on through the rest of the order, select extended warranty, etc.

I get emailed my order confirmation:

Order Confirmation

All good, right?

Unfortunately not.

I receive my laptop, and find out that it has come with a 1366 x 768 resolution, which is pretty much useless to me.


Having re-checked through the order process, I feel deceived by Lenovo.

There’s nowhere in the product description, model selection, customisation process or order confirmation which details the resolution of the screen.

I’m going to lodge a complaint with Lenovo and see what their response is.

Any thoughts or knowledge on what I’m entitled to under Australian consumer protection law?


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  • TS

    Unfortunately there’s a change in terminology many are not aware of. HD refers to 1366×768 and HD+ refers to 1600×900. FHD = Full HD = 1920×1080

    While their site has ALWAYS needed improvement on these things, it was your responsibility to confirm this before purchasing. Be a smart consumer, not one who likes to point fingers 😉

    Good luck

    • Whilst this may be the case, I still feel that the complete lack of any resolution information throughout the entire process is deceptive on Lenovo’s behalf.

      If I look at the T410 or T410s, they both list the resolution in the process, yet the T510 does not.


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