Fleeting Tweeting – 2010-12-18

  • ii family friendly party. (@ Adventure World) #
  • Mass is a disadvantage to lugg to the top of the hill, but a huge advantage on the water slides. #AdventureWorld #
  • The Free Fall was (if you'll pardon the bad but accurate pun) a bit of a let down. #AdventureWorld #
  • . @joelcoulson @sirtra beers plus water slide – what could possibly go wrong? #AdventureWorld #
  • Damn, he's sexy! RT @sirtra: some guy #
  • Who did what now? RT @shrydar: HE DOES IT! #
  • Are women allowed to represent their country in Test Cricket? Or is it a male only sport by rule? #TheAshes #Ashes #
  • Ok. So maybe taking my shirt off at #AdventureWorld wasn't a good idea. #SunBurn #Lobster #Ouch #
  • WTF is it with 30 minutes of ads & trailers before a movie? #
  • Tron 3 plot: Sam & Kora have to go back into the Grid and bring Tron back into our world to take down SkyNet! #
  • Definite improvement! 😛 RT @skryring: Penguin man @sirtra #

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