Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-04-13

  • What if you can't be arsed to watch?RT @TED_Tweets: TEDTalks : Dave Meslin: The antidote to apathy – Dave Meslin (2010) #
  • First Aid training today. My thoughts go out to all the Mannikin Annies, worldwide, who die, repeatedly each day, so that we may learn. #
  • So DRABCD is now DRSABCD. At this rate, next time I recertify it will be be DRSQZXTVABC… #FirstAid #
  • "Push here, push hard, push fast, don't stop, blow there." #FirstAid #
  • I feel like a Doctor Who Villain's sidekick, trying to resuscitate a limbless Auton. #DrWho #FirstAid #
  • "If it is red and wet, stop it!" #FirstAid #DirtyFirstAid #
  • Oooh, #Apple have updated my #iPad2 order status. Saying it's now shipped, with April 18th ETA. Yesterday, the ETA was May 3rd. #
  • When I become King of @Mooba I'll make every Monday a Sextuple Chocolate Muffin Monday. #

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