Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-04-23

  • At the Romancing the West Writer's stream at #Swancon Am definitely in the gender minority here! #
  • Sitting in the Hyatt Lobby, watching other hotel guests' reactions to the fans in costumes. Varies from incredulous, to amused to WTF. #
  • Dear @PayPal, thanks for telling me your policies have changed, but how about also telling me exactly _what's changed_ ! #
  • Writing Sizzling Sex Scenes with @Nicole_R_Murphy – bet the room won't feel cold for this panel! #Swancon #
  • Read a couple of greek myths at the children's programme, then back to the Writer's stream to discuss novel structure. #Swancon #
  • Romancing the West stream was awesome. #Swancon #
  • Now leaching power in the "Internet Security" panel. #
  • Hyatt #Fail – hosting a several hundred people convention, yet not allocating any restaurant tables during the meal break. #Swancon #

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