Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-16

  • At AIM today and tomorrow for a #Negotiation Skills training course. Should be interesting! #
  • Met another #Negotiation training participant. She's reading "Eclipse" by Stephanie Meyer. #NotJudging #Much #
  • I'm amused that almost everyone on the Time Management course is here by 8:50am, but there are only two of us on #Negotiation so far. #
  • Four styles of #Negotiation – Comply, Compete, Avoid, Negotiate. #
  • Avoidance: useful to buy time to research or calm down or come back with a different tack. #Negotiation #
  • Competition: An attitude of screwing the other party. Potentially useful if you're never dealing with them again, but risky. #Negotiation #
  • Compliance: Giving in with no regard for your own needs. Possibly useful in short term for long term plans, or as a one off. #Negotiation #
  • #Negotiation win-win, where all parties feel their needs are respected and met. Ideal outcome, not always feasible. #
  • Five stages of #Negotiation Preparation, Opening, Exploring, Closing, and Implementation. #
  • Bust! Every pump has at least three cars waiting. (@ Caltex Woolworths Maddington) #

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