Bubble Kittens!

This was too cute not to repost.

Bubble Kittens

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-17

Fog! #Perth # Only in NZ – Cow Coincidences Culminate in Cowshed Conflagration. A moooving story. # *Groans* MT @jasonjordan: I am laying prone in the Physics library at UWA silently quantizing light and matter. I call this “Plancking”. #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-16

At AIM today and tomorrow for a #Negotiation Skills training course. Should be interesting! # Met another #Negotiation training participant. She's reading “Eclipse” by Stephanie Meyer. #NotJudging #Much # I'm amused that almost everyone on the Time Management course is here by 8:50am, but there are only two of us on #Negotiation so far. . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-16

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-15

Q: if the average Au income is $50k (approx) what income / assets would you say classify one as rich / wealthy / affluent? #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-14

Every time I watch The Dog Whisperer I feel guilty for not giving our dogs enough exercise, rules, boundaries & limitations. #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-13

Anyone else disturbed by the overtones of slavery / ownership in buying shares in people? #EmpireAvenue # That makes more sense. RT @ecaloshay: @prkaye I see it more as 'People have taken their brand public and now have shareholders'. # Watched the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer, and can't stop humming the theme song . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-13

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-12

The Galactic Empire Times – A satirical article on @DarthVader's recent victory over terrorist leader Obi-Wan Kenobi. # I'm loving the comments thread on that satirical article too, including the “spam”. # . @echofon How do I change my picture service (iPhone pro client) to use MobyPicture? # Anyone in Subiaco having . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-12

Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-11

UnBeelievable… *runs* RT @ScientistMags: What kind of people steal bees?? # Again… RT @slashdot: Facebook Caught Exposing Millions of Credentials # . @TwitCleaner @hipikat is that from TwitPic's May 4th terms update or May 10th? Recent one looks better. Is there still cause for concern? #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-09

Is that the sound … of a volunteer? @PharaohKatt RT @stephbg: @KaelaJael You could volunteer to help with a con…*ducks* #

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Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-08

MeatLoaf! (@ Burswood Theatre) # Really enjoying the Meatloaf production, done by Classic Albums Live. A bit too loud for Burswood Theatre, but otherwise great! # Or I'm just too old 😛 #GetOffMyLawn RT @Drew_Bowie: @prkaye Remember, if it's too loud, you're in a venue with shitty acoustics. # Yeah, it was the . . . → Read More: Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-05-08