Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-07-21

  • Go you! RT @manic_pixie: Come and see me at booth 4500-4501 at San Diego Comiccon, signing Unmasked issue 1 and drawing commissions! #
  • Gah why is @Telstra #NextG so shitty in #Perth CBD? Slow & dropouts which don't happen in other suburbs. Congestion / insufficient spectrum? #
  • "With Smarter Storage, we make your storage smarter." – #VMWare Presenter. #
  • ROTFL! RT @firstshowing: Overheard Star Wars joke: What is the internal temperature of a Tauntaun? 'Luke Warm' Oh ha ha ha. #
  • The end of an era 🙁 #sts135 #
  • I wouldn't have said "Breaking"… RT @abcnews: Breaking: space shuttle Atlantis touches down at Cape Canaveral, Florida for final time #
  • Sounds like I can empty my shed now. My last excuse (NASA might need these old components in an emergency!) has expired. #
  • . @lordmortis I have some old 286 era m'boards & CPUs. When @toriKh asked why I couldn't just ditch them, I told her NASA might need em. 😛 #

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