Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-10-07

  • Laying in bed each morning feels like I'm in a sky gondola, drifting through the clouds and sky scrapers. #Melbourne #
  • Ah, so Google+ suspended my profile for violating their names policy. Let's see if they accept my LinkedIn profile as proof or not. #
  • At the @iiNet NBL Championship opening game in #Melbourne tonight – Mel Tigers vs Syd Kings. #
  • Corporate Box – Awwww yeah. #
  • . @dafwarg if they don't unsuspend it, I'll delete my Google profile. It's my name, my choice. *shrug* #
  • Of course the play "Eye of the Tiger" as the Melbourne Tigers come on the court. #iiNetNBL #
  • I'm cheering for the Kings whilst surrounded by Tiger's fans. If I go silent, you know where to start the search for my body. #iiNetNBL #
  • And the Tigers are victorious after a 4th quarter comeback – I'm disappointed, but safe. #iiNetNBL #

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