Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-10-23

  • Armageddon! (@ Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre w/ 9 others) #
  • Ticket collection fairly painless – now wandering around #Armageddon ; Nicholas Brendon Buffy panel at 11am! Cc @LaurenStardust #
  • The DeLorean! #Armageddon #
  • Mark Sheppard is awesome. He's also encouraging speculation as to whether Canton will be seen again on #DrWho#
  • Only just made it into the Nicholas Brendon panel. Lots more people than seats! #
  • "and then Joss realised he never wanted his characters to be happy." – Nicholas Brendon #Armageddon #
  • Nicholas Brendon doing the Scooby dance. #Armageddon #
  • Hmm, how badly do I really want a wizard's wand… #Armageddon #
  • Robin Dunne has an evil & dirty sense of humour – I love it! #Armageddon #
  • Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne are awesome. They're definitely having fun taking the piss out of each other. #Armageddon #
  • In the line for a photo with Amanda Tapping. #Armageddon #
  • A Dalek just glided by and someone said it looked like R2D2. The Dalek turned and responded with "I AM SUPERIOR! EXTERMINAAATE!" #Armageddon #
  • Amanda Tapping photo achieved. Only just made it into the line for an Amanda Tapping autograph before they cut it off. #Armageddon #
  • Amanda Tapping autograph achieved. That's a wrap for #Armageddon for me! #

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