Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-11-01

  • #Melbourne CBD is the quietest I've ever seen it. Must be some horse race on today. #
  • Plans have fallen through, so I find myself with a free public holiday on #Melbourne Cup day. Wonder if the museums & galleries are open. #
  • Sign seen outside a church: "Come in for a Faith Lift" #EasilyAmused #Melbourne #
  • How little race & immigration attitudes have changed in the past 100 years 🙁 #
  • How much has immigration policy really changed since 1901? #
  • Asylum Seekers vs Illegal Immigrants – a simple explanation of the difference. #
  • A political cartoon on the 1901 Immigration Policy – Father Christmas is denied entry to Australia. #
  • Appalled and horrified after visiting the #Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Have seen pieces before, but never the whole picture like that. #
  • Just (re)watched the first episode of Game of Thrones after re-reading the book. So much better in context – huge appreciation of details. #
  • Looking forwards to watching the other eps now (which I've not seen at all, yet). Glad I waited until after the re-read. #

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