Fleeting Tweeting – 2012-02-26

  • I just saw two foxes crossing Leach Highway near the Shelley Bridge! #Perth #
  • Dear Twitter, what other language (spoken) should I learn, and why? #TwitPoll #
  • I currently speak English fluently, and a few basic sentences in Japanese and French (from high school). #
  • . @JayDzed @flyingblogspot Faint leanings towards Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese?), Hindi, Russian or Gaelic. #
  • . @Maharetr Oooh, Spanish, hadn't thought of that! *bumps to top of list* #
  • I got biscuit… RT @toriKh: @prkaye Gaelic: "Tha mi ag iarraidh briosgaid!" (hah mi ug-EE-uh-ree BRISS-kahtch) "I want a cookie!" #
  • Every time I walk past that guy in Fremantle who sells annoying bird whistles, I think to myself "Who do I know with small children?"… #
  • Alex, am I getting some tonight or sleeping in the dogs' kennel? #Jeopardy RT @toriKh: nope & sure #
  • I think you missed an option. Wait, nope, you didn't 😛 RT @toriKh: @prkaye No and Yes with a side of Maybe? #

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