Fleeting Tweeting – 2012-06-01

  • "crashes"? Really? RT @abcnews: Dragon capsule crashes back to earth #
  • Have passed the entry level of the Quest "Tonsillectomy" and have now proceeded to the second waiting room. Trying not to aggro the mob. #
  • Ok tonsils, it's time for you to GTFO! #
  • Gah, there's no pocket in this hospital gown. When they take me to prep for surgery I'm going to be completely bored. #FirstWorldProblems #
  • Hospital surgery attire, gown and stockings – the height of fashion. #
  • Hmmm, on second thought, House may not have been the best choice of TV shows to watch in hospital… #
  • Being wheeled away for surgery now. #
  • Back in my room, poked full of holes (drip came out mid surgery) and apparently tonsil free. #
  • So @toriKh brought me a chocolate shake. Best wife ever! #
  • The nurses seem worried about some Kellis-Amberlee virus which I may have contracted… #Feed #UnDead #
  • My heart must be in excellent health! RT @TheHeraldSun Dark chocolate could prevent heart problem – study | Herald Sun #
  • I need a new iron. Need! #EasilyAmused #
  • Finally drifted off to sleep, only to be woken by a nurse for an observation check. *mutter* #FirstWorldProblems #
  • At a picture of the Prime Minister, I wonder? RT @georgeharito: Queen Elizabeth II firing an SA80: #

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