Book Review – Zero Point by Neal Asher

Zero PointZero Point by Neal Asher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alan Saul has won the battle for Earth orbit and successfully beheaded the Committee as well as destroying the majority of their orbital infrastructure, used for terrorising any planet bound opponents. Departing Earth’s orbit, Saul points the Argus Space Station towards Mars and begins to investigate what’s been happening on board the space station.

With a power vacuum left on Earth, one of the higher ranking Committee members steps in to take power, dealing quickly and permanently with any of her opposition, then killing a huge percentage of the population, blaming it on Saul. When she realises the Earth’s genestores had been transferred to Argus before Saul hi-jacked it, she organises an armed pursuit to reclaim the genetic material and terminate Saul.

Meanwhile, on Mars Base, Var is aware of the Argus Station’s flight plan and scheduled arrival date, and hopes she still has control of the station by then, as one or more of the scientists are definitely planning sedition.

The second in the Owner Series, this novel picks up directly after The Departure, and continues the grim and gritty story, with no opportunity for bloodshed spared. Our protagonist is likeable only in contrast to the sheer horridness of the villain. Fortunately we also get some point of view time with a widening cast of secondary characters.

Asher again balances the tension and action beautifully in this novel, and I can’t wait to read the next one.


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