Book Review – Angels of Vengeance by John Birmingham

Angels of Vengeance (The Disappearance, #3)Angels of Vengeance by John Birmingham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sofia Peiraro is struggling to settle into a new life in Kansas City, where she and her father are now living. When there’s an attempt on his life, from the same “Mad Jack” Blackstone (Governor of Texas and thorn in President Kipper’s side) whose racist policies led to her family being killed, Sofia decides to take matters into her own hands, and heads towards Texas with vengeance on her mind.

Echelon agent Caitlin Monroe is once again infiltrating enemy lines. Her target is a former French official, who may know how Bilal Baumer escaped the French prison to cause so much trouble in Manhattan, and she’s determined to follow the trail, no matter whom it involves.

Julianne Balwyn, a smuggler with British aristocratic blood who’s now living in Australia, has several assassination attempts against her, as Cesky continues his attempts for revenge. Can Balwyn somehow take down Cesky, who now has friends in the American Presidency, before he can have her and all her remaining friends killed?

This is the third in the After America series by Birmingham, and primarily follows our three main protagonists, all strong willed women armed with vengeance. We also get a few visits to Seattle, where President Kipper and Jed Culver are attempting to rebuild the shattered America.

All up, I enjoyed reading this novel, and it certainly tied up several of the story lines which had been established in the first two books, and closes off the trilogy. However it doesn’t do a great deal of world building, and I would have liked to see a bit more of the bigger picture.

All up, a trilogy worth reading, even more so if you like survivalist and/or military fiction tales.


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