Book Review – Osama by Lavie Tidhar

OsamaOsama by Lavie Tidhar
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In an alternate universe without terrorism, Joe is a private detective based in Vietnam, when a mysterious woman gives him a rather bizarre case. To track down Mike Longshott, the author of the Vigilante series of novels about a Freedom Fighter named Osama bin Laden.

Joe’s investigations take him across the globe, from Vietnam, to Europe and America. Along the way he finds out there’s at least one shadowy organisation that doesn’t want him to investigate any further, and they’re willing to beat their message into him as hard as it takes.

Overall, I found Osama slow going. The detective noir trope starts the story, then Tidhar deliberately deviates to focus more on Joe himself, with the rest of the investigation and plot ending up in the background.

Whilst the premise of the story is fascinating, I didn’t really enjoy reading after the first half, and was left very unsatisfied by the ending.

That said, Osama was very highly recommended and won / was short listed for at least a few prestigious awards, so if you prefer the character driven to plot driven novels, I think you’ll enjoy it.

It just wasn’t for me.


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