Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-04-28

  • If you're affected by the #PSN hack, please change your CC/bank details, email/physical address, name & date of birth… #YouAreFucked #
  • Keepin' it real! RT @crankynick: My thoughts on the Ditmar "controversy": #
  • Gah, stuck in Subi football traffic. #FirstWorldProblems @toriKh #
  • I voted in the Ditmars and Tinducks, SO IT'S ALL MY FAULT! @Natcon50 #
  • And a dated Death cert too! RT @Drew_Bowie: Now that the Obama birth certificate issue is settled, can we please see one for Jesus? #
  • Heh. Explaining #AV vs #FPTP using beer: #
  • Quite enjoyed Source Code on the surface. Solid SF flick in ye grande old "what if…" sense. Thanks to for the free pass! #
  • WTF @TransPerth ? MT @ScientistMags: Drunk youths entered the carriage. Fight breaks out. Transit guards do nothing. Stuck. Scared to death. #

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