Fleeting Tweeting – 2011-04-29

  • Dear media, If you spend more than a minute discussing the royal wedding, I will change channel / station away from you. #NotInterested #
  • Was complaining that Firefox needed a "top of page" button, like in the #iPhone / #iPad when someone said "press the home key". Huh. #
  • For @severedscyth and @manic_pixie (Almost a horse) #
  • For @kattak33 @toriKh & @Callistra #
  • Twitter unresponsive. Blame the royal wedding? #
  • Please people, use a #RoyalWedding hash tag so those of us not interested, can filter it out! #
  • Got majorly triggered at a social event tonight. Analysing in hindsight, it's incredible how quickly my perception of a space can change. #
  • Totally aware it was accidental / unintentional, yet didn't stop it from triggering me, and evoking a strong 'get out now!' flight response. #
  • How do people 'immunise' or 'desensitise' against being triggered by whatever their individual trigger is? #

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